Concrete FAQs

Do you have questions about concrete supply and how it works? Take a look at our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bell Concrete proudly offers ready-mix concrete services across Bedfordshire, serving domestic projects and commercial sites for builders, landscapers, and more.
A volumetric concrete mixer is a mobile truck that carries the materials to produce concrete on-site. It has separate compartments for cement, sand, stone, and water, ensuring fresh and custom-mixed concrete for each job.
  • Flexible Concrete Mixing: Volumetric trucks enable custom mixing on-site.
  • Variety of Materials: They carry lean, screed, concrete, sand, ballast, and cement.
  • Efficient Job Completion: Contractors can fulfill multiple project requirements in a single visit.
Ready-mix concrete is a blend of sand, cement, stone, and water. It is highly customisable, and contractors specify the required grades and strengths, with materials mixed on-site for each delivery.
Bell Concrete charges per cubic metre, offering cost savings for bulk materials. Our concrete mixes start from £110+VAT/m3. The ready-mix concrete delivery service ensures quality and convenience for our customers.
The strength of ready-mix concrete is measured using compression equipment that tests the pounds per square inch (psi). Different construction projects require various concrete strengths, typically ranging from 15MPa (2200 psi) to 30MPa (4400 psi).
The names, such as C10, C15, etc., indicate the concrete mix’s strength. For example, C15 represents a concrete mix with a strength rating of 15 newtons after 28 days.
Yes, there are various quality standards for ready-mix concrete. Bell Concrete adheres to rigorous standards, performing tests on voids, density, and moisture at the batching plant to ensure premium materials.
Bell Concrete’s ready-mix concrete delivery slots offer convenient planning. It is important to make sure that concrete is pliable. One of the easiest ways to keep ready-mix concrete pliable is to put in place time controls. When concrete is left for too long it becomes difficult to work with. Harsh winds and high temperatures also make concrete less pliable.
Cement is an ingredient in concrete, which also includes sand, gravel, and stone. Concrete is a composite material used in construction, while cement is a binding agent within the concrete mixture.
Ready-mix concrete is measured by cubic metre. One cubic metre weighs approximately 2.4T/m3.
Ready-mix concrete gains strength through a chemical reaction called hydration, where water combines with other components. It gradually dries out over time, solidifying and strengthening.
Concrete curing times vary based on factors such as thickness, weather, and humidity. Most batches cure after around a month, but contractors need to consider specific conditions for optimal curing.
For tailored concrete grade and strength information, always consult with your architects, engineers or contractors to ensure the right mix for your specific project. Where possible, we’ll offer advice too.
Concrete naturally develops cracks due to the hydration process. Poor building practices, excess water, and working on the surface too early can contribute to cracks. Proper curing and structural considerations help minimise cracking.
We always aim for the most efficient drop-off experience possible. The time our volumetric concrete trucks stay on-site depends on the number of cubic metres ordered. Bell Concrete prioritises efficient drop-offs to meet the needs of contractors in Bedfordshire.
Payment details and methods will be provided during the ordering process. Bell Concrete accommodates cancellations 24 hours or more before the initial delivery slot.

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